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We invite you to enter your exhibits in the 66th Annual Patrick County Agricultural Fair!  Whether you grow your own fruits and vegetables, bake, can, preserve, wood carve, crochet, quilt, or enjoy photography - We have a category for you to show off your talent & passion!

We will be accepting all entries on Sunday, September 16, 2018 from 10am - 4pm!  Please take a moment to read more about the Rules & Regulations for each category by clicking on the links below.

*Representative of the fair will be set up at the Stuart Farmers' Market on Friday, Sept. 14th giving out registration tags if you'd like to save yourself some time on Sunday, Sept. 16th entering your goods!  We will have a Fast Line for all those who are ready with completed tags!

For instuctions on completing your exhibit tag click here on

Ticket How-To

Farm, Garden & Home Exhibits

Rules & Regulations and Item List

Photography Contest

Directions & Classifications

Quilt Contest

Rules & Regulations and Classifications